What we need to get a quote started for you as quick as possible

To save you time we created a list of information needed to provide you with a fast and accurate quote.

Please fill out the list for each sign type.

  1. Client Name

  2. Sign type: vinyl decal, sticker or lettering/metal letters/ rigid sign / illuminated sign etc

  3. Exterior or interior use

  4. Material

  5. Size and Quantity

  6. Long term or short term

  7. Application: wall, window, boat etc

  8. Do you need help with installation?

  9. Do you need help with permitting? (if applicable)

  10. Height off the ground (if applicable)

  11. Vector graphic file / font file in TTF format (if applicable)

  12. Examples of signs similar to the one you want (if applicable)

  13. Color or finish (custom PMS or standard)

If you are missing some of the information, feel free to email us what you currently have to sales@seattlesign.shop or give us a call at (206) 659 5290