Channel letters.

Channel letters.

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These are big lettered signs that make a storefront really stand out. Customers will be sure to see your storefront with channel letters leading them to you. These letters are installed to illuminate at night, attracting customers at all hours. It is also a big, noticeable sign that will let people know exactly who you and where you are right away. These are tall, attractive signs that may be the perfect fit for your business.

Why Your Business Might Need A Channel Letter Sign

Channel letters on your storefront announcing the name of your business in light will get your business seen. Whether you’re a big or small business, visibility is key. Channel letters are the ideal storefront signage to pull in customers and establish your business as a destination in the eyes of potential and returning customers. This is not only a significant way to brand yourself it’s a great way to grow that brand as well.
Our channel letter signs will shine at all hours day and night to bring you customers. Just as with our many other signage offerings, channel letters are subject to your unique input, style and business needs.

Types Of Channel Letter Signs

  • Backlit channel letters – These letters will stand out at all hours of day and really attract the attention of your customers. Backlit letters lend an elegance to any storefront, as well.

  • Neon channel letters – This is a classic look, and it may be the perfect fit for your business. Whatever look you’re going for on your storefront, there is always a place for the charm of neon light either day or night.

  • Halo lit channel letters – Bright, efficient and pulling customers at all hours of the day, Halo lit sign will really light up your storefront. 

Any of the above options will have customers gazing up at your bright, illuminated storefront. These signs can reach out to your customers both day and night. There’s no reason not to look into the advertising power a big, bright sign can bring your business.

We design, build and install all of our signs, and we are experts in the field. Come to us with your channel letter designs or ideas and we can help make them a reality. Once we have a design, we create your idea using the best materials and skilled people, and we don’t stop there, we also install your sign for you. Whatever you’re looking for in a sign for your business, you’ve come to the right sign shop. Call Seattle Sign Shop at (206) 659-5290 or send an e-mail to, and let’s create the right sign for your company.

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