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“Seattle SignShop provided all exterior and interior signage for our newest state of the art building at University of Washington, the Bill & Melinda Gates Center for Computer Science and Engineering.  Our signage was quite complicated, with different types of materials and lighting.  Petr and his team were very professional, providing excellent customer service.  Under challenging schedule constraints, the 135k sf project, which included wayfinding and ample branding and donor signage, was completed on time.  We are extremely pleased with the quality of both fabrication and installation, and I would highly recommend Seattle SignShop in the future.”


HANK LEVY, Director, Paul G. Allen School

“When we opened the signage bids for the Bill & Melinda Gates Center, we had concerns since none of us had worked with Seattle Sign Shop. The signage on the project was extremely important to our client since so many of the signs honored the project’s donors. Those concerns were laid to rest after our first meeting with you. It was obvious you completely understood the intent of the signage design. Your expertise and knowledge of the design intent helped us to solve all of the design issues. When the signs were finally installed, we all agreed having Seattle Sign Shop on the project was one of the best decisions we made on the job. If you ever need a reference for a future project, you are always welcome to walk them through the Gates Center, and let your work speak for itself!”


BOB DILLON, Senior Construction Manager, Capital Planning and Development

“Now that the dedication of UW's Bill & Melinda Gates Center is behind us, I want to put in writing what I've said to you many times over the past year: Seattle SignShop did a phenomenal job in every respect.

The job was a stretch for you compared to your previous jobs: a 135,000 square foot building with large volumes of code, wayfinding, and donor signage in metal, plastic, and vinyl. When we interviewed you, though, it was clear that you were up to the task. And, indeed, you knocked it out of the park. You found bugs in the signage design that others had missed. Every sign, as delivered, was exactly right. Every part of the job was on time, despite tremendous time pressure. Your personal attention to detail was extraordinary - you were in the building morning, noon and night on days and weekends making sure that everything was perfect. I hope that, at the dedication, you saw the appreciation that everyone had for the quality of your work - especially the many donors whose generosity is recognized through the signage.

I can't thank you enough for what you did to make the Gates Center project a huge success.”


ED LAZOWSKA, Chair in Computer Science & Engineering, Bill & Melinda Gates

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“It has been a great pleasure working with Petr and Seattle SignShop.

Petr’s attention to design details has provided the client and the donors exceptional signage for this project.  Mortenson appreciates all of Seattle SignShop’s hard work to make this project successful.”

JENNIFER KIM, Project Executive, Seattle Operating Group, Mortenson Construction

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“Seattle Sign Shop have been amazing partners! We've approached them with several big projects with unique challenges and they have always come back with well thought out and beautiful solutions. They are quick, responsive, and produce truly great work. I would recommend them for any project, big or small!”


ALYSSA LOUGHLEN, Project Manager, Digital Kitchen