Wood signs are durable and long-lasting. A wood sign gives the impression of sophistication. You will find wood signs bolted to the walls of the interior of a business or oftentimes installed in the ground on the exterior of a business. Seattle Sign Shop can work with you to design a sign that fits your business and location.
We can work with you to customize your sign with size, shape, color, and image.          
You may have seen wood signs on places such as:

  • Farms

  • Bed and Breakfasts

  • Gift shops

  • And many other businesses

The list does not stop there. Wood signs are perfect for advertising your business.

Benefits of Wood Signs

Wood signs communicate a strong and reliable business. Wood signs are great for businesses, but they can also be created for personal use. They can be a real statement piece in your home. Display your family name in your kitchen, or in your den or family room.

Weaknesses of Wood Signs

If your sign is outside, it can become a victim to the elements, but with proper installation and care you can keep your sign in good shape.

Installation and Care

In order to prolong the life of your wood sign you will want to make sure the wood is treated and sealed so that the sign does not become distorted. When sealing the wood, do not forget to coat the back and sides as well as the front. Taking care of the entire sign is extremely important to its integrity. To learn more about wood signs and other materials, contact Seattle Sign Shop at (206) 659-5290 or email to sales@seattlesign.shop.