Our story

My story starts of graduating as a mechanical engineer chasing my passion of creation and designing  applicable solutions that steer the world and industry. I worked for 6 years as an installation Project Manager at offshore platforms for the largest oil service company in the world. I successfully managed multi million dollar projects for deep water installations. After rising to the height of my industry rapidly I became impassioned by being my own and having my own company that produces creations for our clients that steers they world towards the light in their eyes. We here , at the Seattle SignShop, have found this nirvana.  I have been able through this platform to utilise my master of engineering to design, create and be me own entirely. Our mission is to exceed imagination on every creation, and our clients' dreams, passions, and goals are within our company on every design, for these are the same principles that drove me out of mechanical engineering out on my own, and on to ownership of Seattle SignShop.

Petr Artemov


Seattle SignShop