Foam core

Foam core signs are great presentation tools. Are you attending a conference, a presentation or a lecture? Your foam core sign is a versatile and lightweight option. It is easily customizable. We can print your foam core on one side or double-sided. It’s up to you. We want to do what’s best for your business.

Benefits of Foam Core Signs

There are many benefits to a foam core sign. Foam core can be ordered with a variety of thickness options and can be cut to your desired size. Some of these include:

  • Lightweight

  • Customizable

  • Easel display

These are great signs for all your presentation needs. If we can help you with a foam core sign, let us know.

Weaknesses of Foam Core Signs

If foam core signs are not stored correctly, they can bend or crease. They should also be kept away from extreme heat.

Installation and Care

Store foam core signs upright or flat, so that they do not bend or break. Storing them this way will ensure you get continued use out of them. To learn more about foam core signs and other materials, contact us at (206) 659-5290 or email to