Expanded PVC

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) signs are ideal for indoor use and should rarely be used outdoors. Hearty and light, PVC is perfect for customizing. We can easily emblazon your expanded PVC sign with your company logo.

Expanded PVC signs are great for advertising businesses. They are also really well suited for advertising special events. If you’re in the market for great indoor advertising, PVC is a perfect fit for you.

Benefits of PVC signs

PVC is a great way for communication or directional signage, but it can also be perfect for special events, sales, exhibitions, etc. PVC can be used for a wide variety of display decisions. They can be hung on a wall, mounted or stood upright.
Expanded PVC is a great choice for real estate signs, printed on both sides. Expanded PVC is a great way to present your information in a clear, visible way.

PVC is flexible, durable and can be turned into any shape you need. We can shape your sign into exactly what will fit your purposes. Most expanded PVC frames are square or rectangular. You should keep that in mind when deciding where you want to hang your sign, and what your sign will look like.

Installation and Care

In order to lengthen the life of your PVC sign, it is a good idea to avoid direct sunlight as this will fade the colors. The shape of the sign may also be affected by too much direct sunlight and become warped. It is a good idea to keep your expanded PVC sign out of the sun.

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