Dibond is an aluminum material with a solid polyethylene core. This makes it highly durable and lightweight which is an excellent combination. Dibond signage is perfect for directional and regulatory signs. They’re perfect mounted on poles, walls, and great for indoor/outdoor settings. Dibond signs are great regulatory signs. They can also be blown up and mounted to the exterior of buildings.  

Benefits of Dibond Signs

Dibond signs work great outdoor, and they tend to last a long time with little to no maintenance. They withstand both the heat and the cold very well. Dibond is more lightweight than regular aluminum, and a great way to use a Dibond sign in a regulatory fashion such as parking signs.

Dibond signs are perfect customization opportunities. We can brand any Dibond sign with your logo for you to display indoor or outdoor. They really grab attention and are great for regulatory signs.

Installation and Care

During installation, dibond signs are usually attached to a wall or a hard surface.
Additionally, Dibond is easily cleaned and requires little maintenance.
If you’re interested in a dibond sign, we can make that happen for you. Give Seattle Sign Shop a call at (206) 659-5290 or email to sales@seattlesign.shop.