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Project sign

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The signs we create and install serve many purposes such as helping businesses brand themselves, stand out against competitors, and bring in new clientele. This is not all that we do. Another area is contractor signs. We lend our services is to contractors and safety regulators. If you are a contractor in need of the appropriate signs to ensure workplace safety, you have come to the right shop. Our signs, which we design and install in compliance with safety code, contribute to safe job sites and work zones.

Contractor Signs for All Situations

Our signs can be used in any number of work safety related contexts. We can design your signs to fit any specific contractor sign needs for example in a hazardous workplace, a construction site, or road repair. Our contractor signs are adaptable to these situations and whatever else may arise. Our concern is to create signs in compliance with up to date safety codes. We create contractor signs based on the present safety regulations and code which are vital for the well-being of the people involved. Some other examples include:

  • No Smoking signs

  • Construction Site signs

  • Demolition signs

Our signs are easy to read and made out of high-quality material that can withstand the elements. Whatever the situation, our signs will go a long way in promoting safety. Our signs have bright coloring and bold letters that go a long way in making them instantly recognizable and ensuring safety. If you’re in need of contractor signs on a work site or at your place of business, we can provide all of the necessary signage to keep safety a top priority.

Our company experience and turn around times

We are an experienced team who know how to take a design from its first initial stages all the way through to its installation. We do this with a fast turnaround time to ensure that our clients are receiving the best work from us and getting what they pay for.

We’re experienced with contractor signs. If you’re located in the Seattle area and need to keep your work site up to code with highly visible signs that ensure safety, we’re the company to call.

Our prior experience with Seattle contractors had taught us the importance of safely and quickly completed work. We known construction can be fast-paced, so we do our best to get your sign designed, developed, and installed as quickly as possible. Call Seattle Sign Shop today at (206) 659-5290 or e-mail us at to get started on your contractor sign.

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