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Our carved signs are handcrafted. This is the kind of attention to detail that can really set a business apart in the minds of customers. One of our expert carved signs may be a really great idea for your business. This kind of sign offers a personal touch that pulls people in and keeps them coming back to you. If you’re looking to engage your customers on a personal level and keep their business by building strong relationships, this is a great way to send that message. A wood carved sign is a good look for small business.

Carved Signs for Every Business!

We offer many different styles of carved signs in many different materials to suit your needs. Our signs are made from the highest quality material by professionals who can match your specifications down to the smallest detail.

We can create a sign that will stand the test of time. Our signs are made of the highest quality materials to withstand the elements and are specifically tailored to your business.

Designing Your Carved Sign

This is where your personal style takes over. We can create many, many different styles of carved signs based on your specifications. Our skill set is varied and broad, and we look forward to crafting the details that are important to you. The carved sign you’re looking for is available to you. You just have to explain your ideas to us, and we can create it for you.

  • Engraving – We can really make your sign speak for you. According to your designs, we can emblazon the sign with the right words, images and designs to draw in customers. You should show off your engraved sign and put out in the open for people to see.

  • Sand-blasting – The texture of your sign is one of the many details we take into consideration when creating signs for our clients. This is where sandblasting comes in, one of the many services and skills we bring to the table. We can sandblast your sign’s rough edges into smooth ones or otherwise shape your carved sign to the desired effect.

  • Hand-painting –Our signs are hand-painted. This is another of those great tools and style choices we offer our clients to give them the best customizable carved sign available. The colors and words you choose we paint on, and it’s this attention to detail that can set your sign apart from others.

The look you’re going for, whether its etched, carved or engraved, we can create that look to your specifications. For an engaging touch, we can create gold leaf designs in your carved sign. It’s a special touch. We pay close attention to the details to make sure your carved signs really reach out to your clients and say more about you than words alone.

Don’t forget not only do we design and create your signs for you, we also install them at your location. The idea is to give you a complete service that captures your ideas and speaks to your customers. Give us a call at (206) 659-5290 or email to, and let us create your carved sign for your business.

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