2 Main Reasons To Avoid Cheap Vinyl Lettering And Decals

  1. Color of the vinyl sign might fade away within months after installation
  2. Edges of the sign can start peeling off that will adversely affect the sign look    

Below is just one example of what can happen to vinyl signs after a couple of month if proper material is not used:

Reason To Avoid Cheap Vinyl

When purchasing vinyl lettering or decals it is important to understand that the longevity of your signage will depend on the quality of the material.
Going for the cheapest sign option is usually not a good idea.

When getting quotes from various Sign Companies, be aware that if you are offered a "dirt cheap" sign, it is most probably that the company is using low quality materials. 

Quality signs need quality materials selected according to their application. Most commonly used high quality vinyl brands are: 3M, Gerber and Oracal.

Few examples of how to select vinyl according to its application

  1. Interior vinyl lettering for a temporary exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum.                        Our choice:  calendered vinyl with temporary adhesive such as Oracal 641.
  2. Outdoor window vinyl lettering for a local coffee shop. Permanent application.                      Our choice:  calendered vinyl with permanent adhesive such as Oracal 651.
  3. Outdoor Yacht lettering for local yacht owner. Permanent application. Harsh Environment.  Our choice: cast vinyl Oracal 751 (more cost efficient, up to 8 years outdoor durability depending on the color) or Oracal 951 (premium option with outdoor durability up to 10 years depending on the color).
  4. Box truck vinyl wrap. Permanent application.                                                                                Our choice: premium cast vinyl 3M IJ180CV with air release technology with durability up to 8 years depending on color and sun exposure. Overlaminate: cast overlaminate 3M 8519 for UV and abrasion protection.    

If your business is purchasing printed vinyl, make sure that it is laminated. This will keep your sign's colors bright and vivid and will help avoid scratches.
Seattle SignShop uses the highest quality materials from recognized brands such as 3M, Gerber and Oracal.
For all permanent outdoor applications our company always laminates printed vinyl with UV resistant overlaminate. We also use 3M anti-graffiti laminate for street installations when required.

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