Are you in need of a banner for an event? There are lots of reasons to hire us to make a banner for you. Maybe you need an outdoor banner for a sport or tournament event. We can make a great vinyl banner for that occasion, and it doesn’t stop there. Are you exhibiting a booth at a trade show? We can create a great banner for you to get your business and your product noticed. Our banners are also great for retail advertising purposes such as outdoor banners in any setting to reach out to clients and promote your brand. We can make anything you’re in the market for. Some of our other options include the following:

  • Informational banners: Banners such as Now Hiring, New Ownership, For Sale, New Management, etc..

  • Community Events banners: Outdoor vinyl banners used for large or small events such as concerts, festivals, fund raisers, and other special events that work both indoor and outdoor.

  • Wedding Banners - Banner printing for weddings are becoming more and more popular. We can make one for you.

  • Grand Opening

  • Coming Soon Announcements

  • Sales and promotions

  • Special events banners

  • Sporting events

  • Trade shows

  • For sale vinyl banners

If you’re in need of a banner for any of the following kinds of events, get in touch with us, and we can make the right banner for your event.

Tips for Banners

It’s a good idea to use heavier materials for your banner.
Your banner will only show letters on one side. Most banner material is made one sided. If you’d prefer both sides, there are some other considerations that go along with that choice. For outdoor durability it is a good idea to only use one side.

Applications for Banners

  •  The bigger the better!

  • We can add stripes and borders

  • We offer different text options

  • There are many different photo, graphics, or logo options

  • Any design idea you can imagine!

Banner Finishing & Mounting

  • Pole Pockets – These keep your banner from sagging by inserting poles into edges of the banner.
  • Hemmed Edges – In order to prevent stretching, we offer our banners with hemmed edges.
  • Power Tape - Along the sides of banners with no material available for hemming, power tape helps reinforce the edges of shear-cut banners.
  • Banner-Ups - In each corner are banner-ups which create convenient hanging points.
  • D-rings with Nylon Webbing* - These are for hanging large banners from the sides of tall buildings.
  • Nylon Webbing - This helps extend the life of your banner in high wind areas

If you are interested in a magnetic sign for your company, call Seattle Sign Shop at (206) 659-5290 or email to