Aluminum is best suited for outdoor settings. It will not rust, for starters. It’s great for all variety of businesses, and one of the most cost-efficient materials on the market.                     
Aluminum signs are great for regulatory signs, use for contractors, or any number of outdoor sign possibilities. Some other aluminum signs we offer include the following:

The majority of these signs are made from aluminum and are ideal for outdoor settings.

Benefits of Outdoor Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are durable and stand up well to the elements. They generally do not rust and are double sided. They are best thought of as long term investments for your outdoor signage budget.

Installation and Care

We can install your aluminum sign based on your specifications or needs. Wall brackets, fence displays, etc. are easily done, and we can adapt our solutions to whatever you need. There is always a solution, and we can give you exactly what you need.
Aluminum signs have little to no maintenance requirements. Occasionally, you will want to have us out to clean the sign with a special solution, and that is usually all that is needed. If you’re in the market for an aluminum sign, call Seattle Sign Shop at (206) 659-5290 or email to